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:RAIN: page 52 by jessierocketka :RAIN: page 52 :iconjessierocketka:jessierocketka 125 86
Three Thieves and a Baby
The peaceful late-morning air was shattered by the piercing wail of alarm sirens as three masked figures hastily ran from the bank entrance, their arms loaded with canvas bags, strings of jewelry and other miscellaneous bundles. Two guards were right behind them but quickly realizing there was no catching them on foot, they slowed to a halt. Yelling again for them to stop, the one guard drew his gun and fired several shots. They whizzed past the robber's heads, who yelped and picked up their pace as they dashed back to their getaway vehicle. Rounding a corner into a small alley, they threw open the door of a beat-up van, tossed the bags into it, hopped in and sped away, the tires squealing on the rough pavement. A few minutes later, on the outskirts of town, the vehicle skidded to a stop by a stand of large trees. One figure leapt out and started tearing away the brush that hid their balloon basket as an other tied a frayed piece of rope around the van's wheel and weighed down the gas
:icontaknomed:TakNomed 8 2
Workaholic .:Bubbline:.
Bonnibel couldn’t recall the last time she’d properly slept. In all actuality the candy princess could not remember sleeping at all these past three weeks. Currently, it was eight at night. Dozens of coffee mugs, a good number of them with half their content spilled onto the floor or desk, were lined up and stacked all over each other. Papers, countless amounts ruined by the spilled coffee, were scattered messily across the floor, her bed, and everywhere else.
Unsolved equation and notes ruined by spilled ink, crumpled balls of parchment fell into the overfilled trash bin. Bonnibel groaned, loud, frustrated and exhausted. A headache pounded mercilessly in her temple, like a heartbeat in her brain.
“Stupid…window, urgh, just—open!”
The shutters to her bedroom window rattled forcefully. Startled, Bonnibel looked up from her work, the papers so stained in blue and black ink, along with a large percentage of the skin of her fingers. She faced the window
:iconmyinnerweirdo:MyInnerWeirdo 55 10
bubbline by vbfrap bubbline :iconvbfrap:vbfrap 1,096 18
.:Bubbline:. In the Midst of the Storm
Marceline stood at the edge of the meadow, beneath the shade of the trees, cradling her axe bass and strumming gently on the strings. Nowadays, it was becoming harder for her to write songs about her feelings. Mostly, it was because she had resolved a lot of her emotional issues simply by making friends with Finn and Jake, but also because of another crucial, sometimes rather upsetting reason—she was in love. It was cheesy, yes, but she found herself so entirely in love that she just couldn't describe it, even if she sat down and thought about it. Thinking about it just confused her even more; however, it was who she was in love with that confused her the most.
The voice sent shivers down her already chilled spine. She spun around, red eyes searching until they fell upon the voice's owner—Bonnibel Bubblegum. The candy princess was standing out in the middle of a meadow, looking at her, waving at her. "Marceline!" she called, beckoning her over. She didn't say muc
:iconmyinnerweirdo:MyInnerWeirdo 169 90
Bubbline - Good Morning my love by kei111 Bubbline - Good Morning my love :iconkei111:kei111 485 16 After Sky Witch - FanComic Bubbline page 08 by kei111 After Sky Witch - FanComic Bubbline page 08 :iconkei111:kei111 365 70 Who? by Fishinggurl Who? :iconfishinggurl:Fishinggurl 922 64
Some Fantastic, Chapter One
Some Fantastic, Chapter One
By GirlX2
"It's not a glitch." Felix murmured as he and Ralph passed through the barrier between the game and game central station. "We wouldn't be able to get out if it was."
"One of us wouldn't, anyway." Ralph muttered uneasily. "It's not us Felix. The programming is as solid as ever."
"Then what is it?" Felix looked up at him, face alit with worry.
"I dunno buddy." Ralph motioned to Tappers. "I'm hoping someone in there will."
The last few weeks, something had been happening in Fix-It Felix Jr. The game just wasn't running right. Sometimes Felix didn't get his direction from the gamers, and a few patrons had complained. Luckily, Felix had acted fast when Mr. Litwak tried it out, and managed to convince the arcade owner that nothing was amiss.
At first, Ralph was worried he was glitching, but there was no pixelated fuzziness, and Felix could leave the game easily.
Which meant something else was wrong.
"What if…what if it's the cabinet?" Felix ask
:iconpippinrocks:PippinRocks 37 15
Percabeth - I love you - CH. 3
I sat up in bed the next morning and realised Percy wasn't next to me. I suddenly smelt something delicious. Climbing out of bed, I sleepily walked to the kitchen to see my boyfriend cooking pancakes. I yawned and smiled. I walked up silently and wrapped my arms around his waist, resting my head on his shoulder to see what he was doing.
"Morning, Annabeth." Percy said.
"Hey." I greeted, sniffing the air. "Wow, I didn't know you could cook!"
"Well, look at me now!" Percy smirked and flipped the pancake. It flew up and got stuck on the roof.
I collapsed from laughing and the son of Poseidon picked me up and threw me onto the couch playfully, landing softly (so he didnt hurt me) on top of me. His face was inches away from mine. I felt his breath on my cheek. I wasn't laughing anymore; instead butterflies flew around in my stomach. His eyes gleamed and he kissed me over and over again for I dont know how long. Then I pushed him off.
"Where is your mom and Paul?" I asked.
:iconkikij:KikiJ 24 42
The REAL reason Poseidon and Athena are enemies
Athena PoV Ancient times
I ran, ran fast, faster than Hermes. You might ask who or what I am running from. I am running from Poseidon, god of the sea. But I am not running out of fear, or being scared. I was running out of excitement. Yes, he is my boyfriend. I don't think when I am around him. I feel like Aphrodite! I feel ditzy and airheaded. Yes, goddess of wisdom, but its love. "I calculate you have only a 30% chance of catching me at the speed I am running at." I yelled back to him. "But my sweet water lily, do you not notice what your light feet step upon?" I looked to see the ground was moist. I looked back and he was gone. Just then I was picked off the ground. I smelled the sweet salt water scent of my lover. "I guess I'm in that 30% huh?" "Well because I seized to calculate the dew on the ground, you had more like a 95% of catching me at my 5% speed." "My kelp brain does not compete to your awesome mind." Just then my owl Wisdom, very creative name right, landed on my helmet.
:iconrainpathlovesartemis:RainpathlovesArtemis 4 3
Mature content
Percy and Annabeth Ch. 68 :iconcamerosaurusrex:CamerosaurusRex 26 60
settle things once and for all by Lei-sam settle things once and for all :iconlei-sam:Lei-sam 619 83 Just Like You by K-Lynn99 Just Like You :iconk-lynn99:K-Lynn99 259 38 Pride by lily-fox Pride :iconlily-fox:lily-fox 8,209 1,207 TS Outlaws: Line 'em Up by YoukaiYume TS Outlaws: Line 'em Up :iconyoukaiyume:YoukaiYume 10,092 901


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